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InnoTeeth™ Dental Sleeping Brace


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Our InnoTeeth™ Brace isn’t just a brute force solution to crooked teeth. It works by using the anatomy of the jaw to realign teeth in a healthy and natural way. The teeth in your mouth are attached to your jaw bone by something called a periodontal ligament. It compresses one side of the ligaments on your teeth, while at the same time stretching the ligaments on the other side of your teeth.


Wear the InnoTeeth™ brace only when you sleep and it can align your teeth, close gaps, increase aesthetics of your jawline and face structure by having effect on your perioral muscles (facial muscles near mouth area). The tongue tag will teach you to unconsciously hold your tongue where it naturally should be, which is on the roof of your mouth with your lips closed (Mewing technique).

This habit will help you breathe through your nose and long-term proper tongue posture will define your jawline and facial muscles. Nasal breathing has a lot of benefits, ask any doctor.


Regular orthodontic braces only align your teeth, InnoTeeth™ puts even pressure throughout the whole jaw, resulting in better facial shape, defined cheekbones, jawline, closed gaps and aligned teeth. Regular braces won't improve your breathing habits and facial aesthetics.

InnoTeeth™ Braces come in an all-round design that fits all jaws because of the flexible material they are made of. Although we suggest getting all 3 strengths, you can choose just 1 depending on what you need. We analyzed over 2,000 different jaws from adult females and males. The small difference between both genders is smoothed out by the flexible material of the mouthpiece. The used material has the characteristic to fit every jaw with no abnormal teeth displacements.

It can bring results as great as regular orthodontic braces can bring + a better looking face and jawline because the pressure targets the whole jaw.
It will teach you to hold your tongue at the roof of your mouth which will help your defined jawline stay, even when you stop using InnoTeeth™!


The 3 different stages:
 The first stage (D1): Soft. Mainly used to adapt to the orthotics and initial correction.

 The second stage (D2): Moderate. Further adapt to orthotics and enhance remedial effects.

• Third stage (D3): Hard. Increased correction force for post-correction and maintenance.

Usage instructions:
• Wear the orthotics all night and 1 – 4 hours during the day.
• Wear when you study, read, watch TV, use the computer, or work. After using, please wash and store it in the matching box.
• When you wear it for the first time, the front teeth will feel uncomfortable, this is a normal phenomenon. If there is obvious pain, you can reduce the wear time of the orthotics, and after the sensitivity disappears, you can return to the prescribed time.
• D1 is soft, the first stage, use 1 – 3months.
• D2 is moderate, the second stage, use 6 – 8 months.
• D3 is hard, the third stage, use 5 – 8 months.
• The correction process is divided into three stages. After using D1 for 1 month, you can gradually use D2 together.

• Use D2 on daytime and D1 at night. When you fully adapted to D2, you can gradually use D3 together. Use D3 on daytime and D2 at night. You must wear it every day, normally, there will be a noticeable improvement in 4 – 6 months.

• You must wear it while you sleep.
• Once the appliance is kept in the mouth all night, the treatment will be more effective. If you can't wear it at night, please increase the usage time during the day.
• Most of the time, the mouth should be closed. When the brace is in your mouth, keep your lips closed and use your nose to breathe.
• Remember to place the tip of the tongue on tongue plate, even if you do not wear it place your tongue gently on the roof of your mouth and about a half an inch away from your teeth.
• The improvement can be seen within a few weeks after wearing. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please consult with your doctor before using this, we are not responsible for any complications that may occur with your personal case. We cannot give you professional medical/dental advice. This is a DIY (Do it yourself) device and therefore you will be using this at your own risk.  When you contact us and if we give you any tips, do not take them for granted because we are not accountable to give you advice through internet.
This device will force you to breathe through your nose and you won’t be able to breathe through your mouth. So, it isn’t recommended for people who have sleep apnea, difficulties breathing through their nose and other similar issues, to use this.


 1. What if I can't wear it at night?
Answer: If you can't wear it at night, please increase the usage time during the day. However we highly recommend wearing it while you sleep as the treatment will be more effective.

2. How long can I expect to see improvements?
Answer: This is different from person to person and the state of your teeth. However we usually see our customers see improvements within a few weeks of wearing.

3. Which stage should I choose?
Answer:Although we suggest getting all 3 strengths, you can choose just 1 depending on what you need. If you have no idea on which strength you want to start out with then we recommend starting out with D1 until you adapt for higher strengths.

4. Can I return my InnoTeeth™ Brace if I don't like it?
Answer: Yes! If you don't like your sleeping brace after 14 days of receiving it then you are more than welcome to return it. Please clean the brace before returning for hygienics. If you wish to return your braces then please send an email to our support team so we can help you with the return instructions:


Here at InnoCure™ we believe in the effectiveness of our work and the quality of our products. Therefore we offer all our customers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you decide that you are not satisfied with the product or the quality after 14 days from receiving it, then contact our customer support and we will help you returning your product and get a complete refund, no questions asked!